Teaching Art from the Heart
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    Swati Patil Rao

    Thank you, Heart Studio. What a lovely experience Siddarth had with his favorite teachers – Teacher Jay & Teacher Syfiq. 3.5 years of sketching, painting, Legos, superhero stories & loads of fun – THANK YOU! Siddarth will miss you all and he hopes to be back soon.

    Lauren Yeo

    It’s a place where my kids and I love to be it. The learning environment is cosy, happy and nurturing. Teachers are professional and yet fun! My kids love them! Special mention to our Teachers Syfiq, Jay and JJ!

    Leonard Lee ( Parent of Micole, Rayna and Fredrick)

    We appreciate the dedication of the school and the teachers to provide a very pleasant learning environment for our children. With these interest ignited, Our children really look forward to attend the classes every week as they could sense the teachers really POUR out their hearts into the classes. Thank you Heart Studio