Portfolio Building is program that creates a bridge for a student to enter or seek a certain secondary school that compliments and provides a platform for their strength on a certain field/subject. In these schools, the student will be able to explore in depth and broaden their interest in their desired field e.g Visual arts, Literary arts, Theatrical arts, Music and Dance and others. The program will also help the students in developing their fullest potential in both academic and non -academic studies.

Size Age Duration Schedule
6:1 10 Years & above 120 mins ( weekly) Thursday to Saturday

Skills Set that Portfolio Building offers

  • Acrylic colour painting
  • Blending
  • Creativeness
  • Explorative
  • Sensitivity to lines and colours
  • Pencil shading
  • Sculpture of various mediums
  • Mixed media convergence
  • Working within a given theme
  • Independent learning
  • Understanding history of art and its origin in depth through self-learning
  • Understanding art movements and their contribution

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