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Portfolio Building is program that creates a bridge for a student to enter or seek a certain secondary school that compliments and provides a platform for their strength on a certain field/subject. In these schools, the student will be able to explore in depth and broaden their interest in their desired field e.g Visual arts, Literary arts, Theatrical arts, Music and Dance and others. The program will also help the students in developing their fullest potential in both academic and non-academic studies.

Class Size


Age Group

10 Years & Above

Duration & Schedule

120 mins (Weekly) Thursday to Saturday

Visual Arts & Media

Programmes in traditional visual arts, such as painting and Chinese calligraphy, as well as photography, videography, journalism and info-communication

(excerpt from: https://www.moe.gov.sg/admissions/direct-admissions/dsa-sec/overview#what-is-dsa-sec)

Secondary Schools offering Portfolio Building programs for Visual Arts

✅ Boon Lay Secondary
✅ Greenridge Secondary
✅ Jurong West Secondary
✅ Naval Base Secondary
✅ New Town Secondary
✅ Orchid Park Secondary
✅ Raffles Girls School
✅ Raffles Institution
✅ Riverside Secondary
✅ SOTA (School of the arts)
✅ St. Margaret’s Secondary
✅ St. Joseph’s Institution
✅ Tampines Secondary School
✅ Westwood Secondary
✅ Yio Chu Kang Secondary
✅ Yusof Ishak Secondary


How can our Portfolio Building program help your child?

heARt studio’s Portfolio Building program is design to help students build confidence and getting the right attitude in preparing their portfolio for their future Portfolio Building admission interview. In this program, student with be guided in different structures and ways such as:

✅ Educates the student to be discipline in doing their ow research and problem solving
✅ Entering the program with the right mentality and positive attitudes
✅ Working with peers
✅ Building confidence through self-exploration in preparatory studies
✅ Experimenting with ideas and materials for their own project
✅ Taking ownership of their work and grow from mistakes in the process of learning and researching
✅ Freedom to express their creativity while learning advanced technical art skills

Skills Set that Portfolio Building offers

✅ Acrylic colour painting
✅ Blending
✅ Creativeness
✅ Explorative
✅ Sensitivity to lines and colours
✅ Pencil shading
✅ Sculpture of various mediums
✅ Mixed media convergence
✅ Working within a given theme
✅ Independent learning
✅ Understanding history of art and its origin in depth through self-learning
✅ Understanding art movements and their contribution
Portfolio Building ART CLASSES

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lets explore heart studio's programs

Our 6 Popular Art Programs
to Nurture the Best Artist in Every Kid

why choose us

Why Enrol Your Child with
Heart Studio?

Heart studio specializes in teaching techniques and skills with traditional methods of drawing and painting and blending them into the modern creative concepts which children can understand and enjoy. Importantly, our programme seeks to develop important 21st century competency skills in children (as shared by World Economic Forum) from the early years:

Problem Solving Skills 96%
Creative Thinking Skills 93%
Collaboration Skills 87%
Communication Skills 89%
Curiosity 87%
Persistency, Grit 93%
Adaptability 95%
Social & Cultural Awareness 98%
Uwe H Kaufmann

They have excellent, passionate teachers with a ❤️.

Milton Goh

Great art school for children! My 4 year old daughter Mae learnt to create artworks way beyond my expectations. The teachers and founders seem to truly enjoy working with children.

Fu Chunhui Joewaye

very patient and caring teachers around that made the impossible become possible 👍kudos to the team!

Betsy Toh Pei Sze

Despite the popularity of the class, teachers were able to give each child lotsa patient & close attention. My girl was lucky to have Teacher Shafiq guiding her throughout the session. She absolutely enjoyed herself & has requested to be back next holiday again. Thank u HEART studio & Teacher Shafiq!

Chew Brenda

Very patient teachers who have creative ideas to teach the children to draw the most beautiful paintings. Highly recommend.

Zhuang Lixian

Dedicated teachers with passion for the arts and unleashing the potential in children. Special thanks to Teacher Vinky who had been so patient with my child. Definitely worth every single cent.

Swati Patil Rao

Thank you, Heart Studio. What a lovely experience Siddarth had with his favorite teachers - Teacher Jay & Teacher Syfiq. 3.5 years of sketching, painting, Legos, superhero stories & loads of fun - THANK YOU! Siddarth will miss you all and he hopes to be back soon.

our key advantage

Our Unique Art Programme: Future Ready™ HeART

With a focus on nurturing children for the future world, we offer a variety of fine art classes in both drawing and painting, and covering subjects such as: Portraiture, Still Life, Landscape, Claywork etc.

Importantly, we strongly believe that our students benefit from the wide selection of genre as well as the progressive approach which are specially designed to support children from 3 (Dali Foundation) to 12 years of age (DSA portfolio development).

Successful Students
Art done
Years of Expertise

and Kind Words
From Parents of Heart Studios
Scroll Through 😊

"I was really impressed by the quality of the art work that the kids produced after a one hour trial lesson. The teachers are really good in imparting their skills to the students. The boys actually learned some techniques in art and it was not just a craft making session. The art studio was brightly lit and painted in very inviting colours . The kids also had a great time and were fully engaged in their lesson. I strongly recommend heART Studio if you are intending to send your kids for art classes."
"We know we made the right decision to switch over immediately, DinoEgg will be in good hands to continue his interest in arts."
"K’s experience in his new art school HeART Studio, has been such an encouragement that I am going to continue to help him nourish his creativity by continuing his art enrichment lessons."
"I felt the command of English delivered by her teacher was excellent too, although not an English school, I'm particular in adults conducting lessons to little kids. To speak and deliver well is important."
"Alicia attended the class for 3-4 year olds (little Dali) and the theme for that day’s lesson was flowers. Their teacher was lively and animated and definitely captured the kids’ attention. First he explained that they would be painting either a daisy or a sunflower for the lesson..."
"I am certainly excited in her Art progression with this program while Dumpling is already looking forward to the next few sessions in this Little Dali journey of hers."
"heART Studio believes in providing quality Arts education for all their students to gain mastery in making art, to nurture their creative potential and to cultivate a community of artists and art lovers of all ages. Its class programmes include age appropriate activities uniquely designed to engage and inspire young artists, aged 3-12, to cultivate their creativity and learn technical art skills."

From Heart Studios Instagram

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