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    A good Sunday morning to everyone!…

    A good Sunday morning to everyone!

    The new term is just about to start this coming week BUT our Little Picassos (6-8 years old) would want to showcase their colourful masterpieces which were done in their last project of our term.

    They learnt about Pablo Picasso's Cubism and using this technique, they recreated their own BREAKFAST MEALS! We talked about the interesting life of the famous artist himself, his unique paintings and the importance of breakfast as our daily meals.

    Let's browse these wonderful photos as they take you from their preparatory drawings to the final completion of their artworks (they are in sequence!).

    We hope you love them and show your support ❤️ to our Little Picassos and leave a Like! Without them & their creativity, this definitely would not have been possible.

    Thank you for your time & have a blessed Sunday! ☺️



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