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Have you ever wondered what will happen to earth when all the trees have been ch…

Have you ever wondered what will happen to earth when all the trees have been chopped down, all the seas have been polluted, the ground covered with litter and all that is left are just the concrete urban jungle and roads filled with smokes from cars engine?

The battle against developments and efforts in saving the our mother nature has always been one of the more highlighted political issue that is constantly surfacing.

Our students from Young Van Gogh was given a insight of what will happen to our beautiful Earth and also the living species if everyone stop caring for it.

In their efforts to make a difference and create awareness, they came up with poster designs that help spreads the word in caring for the environment. We are so proud of them in understanding the dire situation that our Earth is in and their efforts in making a change.

We shall let you be the judge and get inspired in making a difference to help save the Earth too..☺️




Rena won the Singapore Mumpreneur Award Nominee and is an ordinary mother to 3 wonderful boys. She is a certified teacher in programs such as music and movement as well as speech and drama. Having 3 boys made her feel like a super battling with days that could be so hectic but yet filled with so much fun and love. With a belief that she had and her passion for the children, heART Studio was set up in August 2012 together with a team of dedicated teachers who shared the same passion.

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