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    Welcome to heART Studio

    Heart studio specializes in teaching techniques and skills with traditional methods of drawing and painting and blending them into the modern creative concepts which children can understand and enjoy.
    Importantly, our programme seeks to develop important 21st century competency skills children (as shared by World Economic Forum) from the early years:

    • Problem Solving Skills
    • Creative Thinking Skills
    • Collaboration Skills
    • Communication Skills

    And at the same time, developing character qualities such as

    • Curiosity
    • Persistency, Grit
    • Adaptability
    • Social & Cultural Awareness

    We believe that proper techniques and training can help children gain better confidence and better achieve their artistic and expressive goals.

    Our Unique Art Programme: Future Ready™ HeART
    With a focus on nurturing children for the future world, we offer a variety of fine art classes in both drawing and painting, and covering subjects such as:

    • portraiture
    • still life
    • landscape
    • claywork etc.

    with the purpose of developing the 21st century competencies skills shared above.

    Importantly, we strongly believe that our students benefit from the wide selection of genre as well as the progressive approach which are specially designed to support children from 3 (Little Botero) to 12 years of age (DSA portfolio development).

    Our deep commitment to imparting these skills yet maintain the students’ creativity has always been and still will Heart Studio’s mission.

    Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

    Pablo Picasso

    Thank you, Heart Studio. What a lovely experience Siddarth had with his favorite teachers – Teacher Jay & Teacher Syfiq.
    3.5 years of sketching, painting, Legos, superhero stories & loads of fun – THANK YOU! Siddarth will miss you all and he hopes to be back soon.

    Swati Patil Rao

    We appreciate the dedication of the school and the teachers to provide a very pleasant learning environment for our children. With these interest ignited, Our children really look forward to attend the classes every week as they could sense the teachers really POUR out their hearts into the classes. Thank you Heart Studio

    Leonard Lee ( Parent of Micole, Rayna and Fredrick)

    What We Offer

    Weekly Classes

    Basic Skill Class ( All ages)
    Little Botero (3y -4.5y)
    Little Dali (4.5y – 6y)
    Little Picasso ( 6y -8y)
    Young Van Gogh ( 8y+)
    Portfolio Building (10y +)

    Drop In Sessions

    2hrs drop of session, Kids droppin in and exploring all materials on offer. Students can use a range of media to create their hearts content. These timing vary, depending on other bookings.

    Holiday Programs

    Our 2hrs 45mins program that occurs every school holidays. We explore mix media, painting , drawing , ceramics, sculptures and more.

    Our Programs

    News and Highlights

    Hey Everyone!…

    Hey Everyone! Our Little Picassos (6-8 years old) are learning about still life of fruits and vegetables just last week! We learnt about artists who use them as part of their art pieces, we explored different types of compositions and took photos of our arranged items before painting this week. Do take a peek at […]

    Have you ever wondered what will happen to earth when all the trees have been ch…

    Have you ever wondered what will happen to earth when all the trees have been chopped down, all the seas have been polluted, the ground covered with litter and all that is left are just the concrete urban jungle and roads filled with smokes from cars engine? The battle against developments and efforts in saving […]

    "For me, art can reflect the celebration of the simple and good things in l…

    "For me, art can reflect the celebration of the simple and good things in life.." – Romero Britto Romero Britto is an artist from the sunny and vibrant country of Brazil! His colorful pop art works has captured the hearts of people across the world. You can even spot some of his works around Singapore! […]

    Last term, our Little Botero’s have been working on their favourite superheroes!…

    Last term, our Little Botero’s have been working on their favourite superheroes! They learned how to draw the form in the first week, and paint accordingly to their favorite choice of colors into their artwork! Through this lesson, these little artist will bring their favorite superheroes to life! Source

    A good Sunday morning to everyone!…

    A good Sunday morning to everyone! The new term is just about to start this coming week BUT our Little Picassos (6-8 years old) would want to showcase their colourful masterpieces which were done in their last project of our term. They learnt about Pablo Picasso's Cubism and using this technique, they recreated their own […]

    Our Teachers

    jing Joo Teacher JJ
    Teacher JJ loves to explore her surroundings and project her work in a unnatural state that instil thinking for her viewers
    teacher_syafiq-profile Teacher Syafiq
    Teacher Syafiq is internally driven and emotionally charged, he strives to bring life to his still life drawings and illustrations.
    b16a66e3-3323-4b10-b5f0-3e93411ca82f Teacher Jay
    Teacher Jay is a joyful teacher that strings the hearts of the kids in his class. Students adores him as a teacher who guides , listen and fun.
    ecf915e3-9ae1-4207-8f7a-33f63230a4b7 Teacher Pearl
    Teacher Pearl believes that art is a platform for exploring, playing and fostering our imagination with creativity


    Singapore Mumpreneur Award Nominee