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    A few of our families would like to share their experiences with you! Check out our testimonials below!

    Friends of heART Studio

    Thanks to all the teachers at Heart Studio!! It is never easy to teach young children especially my son. And yet, the teachers are ever so patient, each lesson teaching them, talking to them and encouraging them. And now, the teachers and like his close friends and they love their art lesson (probably the one lesson they don’t complain about).
    A special mention to Teacher Syafiq. The first teacher of my youngest son had. Thank you for being so understanding and not giving up on my youngest in the early days.
    Thank you genuine love for art & children won him over in the end.

    Sabrina - Hui Jie& Wen Jie’s mother

    We have been with Heart Studio since 2014, when my eldest was 4+ years old and now my youngest has also joined the Heart Studio family! It’s amazing to watch how the little ones gained confidence and blossomed through learning art. The teachers at Heart Studio are really kind & patient, and very passionate about teaching art to children! The fact that the teachers who taught my boy through the years are still around means alot!
    Thank you for making art fun and enjoyable and allowing my children learn that they can create many beautiful things through patience and practices!

    Kyne & Kyle’s Mother

    My son has attended the arts lesson with Heart Studio since 2014. It has always been an enjoyable and enriching experience for him for every lesson he attends. The teachers and staff of Heart Studio are a group of passionate and dedicated people to bring out the best in developing the best in for our kids.
    Well done Heart Studio and thanks for the experience!

    Vincent Tay - Kai Zer’s Father

    Rayner always enjoy his art lessons in Heart Studio. The classrooms are conclusive and the teachers are dedicated and engaging. Most of all, understand his developmental needs.
    We were amazed when we saw his first artwork. He is an active boy, who had never been able to sit down and focus on any work; thru patience and dedication by the teachers especially Teacher Vinky.
    Heart Studio is a great place to learn art.

    Rayner Wo’s Father

    My daughters, BX and BY joined Heart Studio in Jan 2016.
    BX has always loved Art. I started her in a franchised art enrichment centre which carried out the course in a regulated fashion and disregarded the child’s artistic development. At a friend’s recommendation, I switched her to Heart Studio.
    At Heart Studio, despite having the same project theme within a class, under Teacher Elma’s tutelage, every student is given the leeway to demonstrate their individual artistic expressions. The different projects allow the children to be acquainted with various art forms and mediums. This conditions the children to see things from different perspectives and be open to diverse possibilities. In this age of technological disruption where change is the only constant, such a receptive mindset is imperative.
    BY is part of a pair of twins, with weak fine motor skills. She also suffered low self-esteem as she was overshadowed by her other stronger twin. I decided to enrol her at Heart Studio as I believed Art would empower her. When she first joined Heart Studio, she was quiet and took forever to decide what she wanted to do. However, Teacher Syafiq and Teacher Vinky would just waitpatiently for her to decide. Not once did they raise their voice or push her into a decision. They were always encouraging and positive in their approach.
    Gradually, Bing Yu began to open up and her confidence grew. She may not be a Yayoi Kusama but her artistic expression is very reflective of that quirkiness in her. The interest in Art overflowed to interest in other areas. She became more proactive in her learning, even her preschool teachers noticed the difference in her.
    Besides the teachers, Heart Studio’s founder, Rena, and administrator, May, always make me feel at home when I wait for my children. Heart Studio is like a big family where people from all walks of life integrate seamlessly.


    heART Studio believes in providing quality Arts education for all their students to gain mastery in making art, to nurture their creative potential and to cultivate a community of artists and art lovers of all ages. Its class programmes include age appropriate activities uniquely designed to engage and inspire young artists, aged 3-12, to cultivate their creativity and learn technical art skills. Read More


    I am certainly excited in her Art progression with this program while Dumpling is already looking forward to the next few sessions in this Little Dali journey of hers. 🙂 Read More


    Reviews From Blogger Mummy

    Alicia attended the class for 3-4 year olds (little Dali) and the theme for that day’s lesson was flowers.  Their teacher was lively and animated and definitely captured the kids’ attention. First he explained that they would be painting either a daisy or a sunflower for the lesson. Read More


    I felt the command of English delivered by her teacher was excellent too, although not an English school, I’m particular in adults conducting lessons to little kids. To speak and deliver well is important. Read More


    K’s experience in his new art school HeART Studio, has been such an encouragement that I am going to continue to help him nourish his creativity by continuing his art enrichment lessons. Read More


    I strongly recommend heART  Studio if you are intending to send your kids for art classes. Read More


    We know we made the right decision to switch over immediately, DinoEgg will be in good hands to continue his interest in arts. Read More