Teaching Art from the Heart
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    Our Teachers

    Miss Nurul Elma

    Miss Nurul Elma more passionately known as Teacher Elma is a graduate from LaSalle College of the Arts graduating with a Degree with 2nd class honors in Fine Arts Painting. Her passion for teaching and also art had been proven through her dedicated years in teaching art government schools and art studios. Her vision is to share and impart the knowledge that she had gained through her years in practicing art and sharing it with the younger generation. Teacher Elma believes that with art education and knowledge, a child’s perception could be viewed differently and thus a child will learn to see things with a certain aesthetic value.

    Teacher's Works
    Mr Syafiq Saleh

    Mr Syafiq Saleh or known as Teacher Syafiq by his students. He is internally driven and emotionally charged, Syafiq strives to bring life to his still life drawings and illustrations. Fine details appeal to him and he piles them into them. Self- taught, he has worked in numerous government schools and welfare societies. A simple union of his love for children and a burning passion for the arts has been seamlessly integrated into the purest form of joy. Being thankful for the blessings in his life, he wants to use his skills to reach out to others and touching the lives’ of people with his works is his goal.

    Teacher's Works
    jing Joo
    Jing Joo

    Jing Joo, also known as Teacher JJ, graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine arts, painting major. Since young, she started her little journey towards art, attending children art lessons, to secondary and tertiary levels. Art didn’t start out well for her as she thought that it was dry and tiring, slowly, through years of contact with art, she began to enjoy the sense of satisfaction that art gave, which made her realize art could be fun and enjoyable in it’s own way. Teacher JJ loves to explore her surroundings and project her work in an unnatural state that instills thinking for her viewers.

    Teacher's Works
    Miss Wong Xiao Yan

    Miss Wong Xiao Yan, or Teacher Vinky started learning art when she was 12years old. Her passion for art leads her to enroll in Malaysia Chinese High School, majoring in art and design. In 2015 , she graduated with honors degree from Taiwan National Kaohsiung Normal University of the Fine Art. She have gained a lot of working experience both in Malaysia and Taiwan. Teacher Vinky is a highly qualified, inspirational and hard-working Art Teacher, who has a strong classroom presence along with the ability to make a real difference to the lives of her pupils.

    Due to her teaching experiences, she knows how to get along with the children thus making Art learning enjoyable, at the same time helping children develop their observational, decision-making as well as their cognitive skills. She also possesses a positive attitude and excellent subject knowledge of Art and Design and its application outside classroom situation. One of her greatest strengths is the knack of never missing an opportunity to raise the aspirations, confidence and self-esteem of her pupils.

    Teacher's Works