Greetings everyone,

HeART Studio proudly presents to you our December Holiday Programme for your little artists. Come and paint with us!

We will be having our usual Early Bird Promotion so sign up early to enjoy the discount! 🐦

The promo will end on 19 November 2017.

We do have other promotions on offer which are;

1. When you sign up with 6 children altogether (same or different themes, payment made in single a receipt) you are entitled to 15% special group discount!

2. When you sign up for 3 themes and above, you are eligible for our 15% discount!
(Multiple themes within the family members, provided that they are siblings are eligible for 15% discount too)

To avoid any disappointment, do hurry and give us a call to book a slot for your little artists. We would love to hear from you!

Do give us a call at 6554 7563
or drop us an email at

Thank you, have a great week ahead!