Teaching Art from the Heart

Welcome to heART Studio

Heart studio specializing in teaching skills using traditional methods of drawing and painting, blending them into the modern creative concepts.

We believe that proper techniques and training can help students to gain better confidence and to better achieve their artistic and expressive goals.

We offer a variety of fine art classes in both drawing and painting, covering subjects such as portraiture, still life, landscape etc.. Our Deep commitment to teaching skills yet maintain the students creativity has been the Studio’s mission.

What We Offer

Weekly Classes

Basic Skill Class ( All ages)
Little Botero (3y -4.5y)
Little Dali (4.5y – 6y)
Little Picasso ( 6y -8y)
Young Van Gogh ( 8y+)
Portfolio Building (10y +)

Drop In Sessions

2hrs drop of session, Kids droppin in and exploring all materials on offer. Students can use a range of media to create their hearts content. These timing vary, depending on other bookings.

Holiday Programs

Our 2hrs 45mins program that occurs every school holidays. We explore mix media, painting , drawing , ceramics, sculptures and more.

Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

Pablo Picasso

News and Highlights

Our Programs

Little Botero-cover
Little Botero
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Little Dali
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Little Picasso
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Young Van Gogh-cover
Young Van Gogh
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Portfolio Building
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Singapore Mumpreneur Award Nominee

Our Teachers

teacher_nurul-profile Miss Nurul Elma
Her passion for teaching and also art had been proven through her dedicated years in teaching art government schools and art studios.
teacher_syafiq-profile Mr Syafiq Saleh
He is internally driven and emotionally charged, Syafiq strives to bring life to his still life drawings and illustrations.
jing Joo Jing Joo
Teacher JJ loves to explore her surroundings and project her work in an unnatural state that instills thinking for her viewers.
Vinky-profile Miss Wong Xiao Yan
Teacher Vinky is a highly qualified, inspirational and hard-working Art Teacher, who has a strong classroom presence along with the ability to make a real difference to the lives of her pupils.